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We are a pioneering team of AI enthusiasts and accomplished professionals dedicated to harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tackle complex challenges across various domains. Explore our diverse range of expertise and services, each designed to push the boundaries of what AI can achieve.

Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis

  • rAIse Srl specializes in creating precise systems for analyzing textual information and extracting sentiment using AI.
  • We assist clients in understanding customer satisfaction based on textual reviews and provide guidance for business improvement.
  • We can apply our technology to evaluate experiences in the tourism industry, such as hotels and restaurants, and provide valuable insights for enhancement.
  • The use of eXplainable Artificial Intelligence makes this information easily comprehensible and interpretable.

Computer Vision and AI

  • rAIse Srl offers AI systems designed to harness novel learning technologies.
  • We aim to enhance computer vision tools for applications like security and surveillance.
  • Our expertise includes embedding eXplainable Artificial Intelligence technologies for human-interpretable video and image processing.
  • We mention applications in biometric authentication, CCTV monitoring for forensic analysis, and industrial processes improvement.

Genomic Analysis

  • rAIse Srl discusses the role of high-throughput sequencing technologies in bio-health research.
  • We highlight the importance of AI in managing and solving complex problems related to biological and genetic mechanisms, especially in complex diseases like cancer and neurodegenerative disorders.
  • Our company utilizes various genomic data types for precision medicine and therapy design.

One Health Analysis

  • rAIse Srl takes care of the One Health paradigm, emphasizing the interconnectedness of human health, animal health, and ecosystem health.
  • We mention the impact of environmental factors on human health.
  • Our company develops AI applications to investigate the relationship between environmental data and human health, aligning with sustainable development goals.

EartH Observation

  • rAIse Srl specializes in developing robust Artificial Intelligence-based models tailored for the analysis of remote sensing data, encompassing both active and passive imagery.
  • Our expertise enables clients to craft custom Earth Observation solutions, unlocking the potential of the space frontier for their businesses.
  • For instance, our models excel in monitoring and assessing agricultural practices, adhering to precision farming standards.
  • We excel at evaluating environmental risks, including droughts, landslides, floods, wildfires, among others, to support public institutions in safeguarding their populations and assisting private companies in insurance-related applications.
  • Furthermore, our pioneering eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) models transform complex data into easily understandable and interpretable insights.

Socio-Economic Systems Analysis

  • rAIse Srl uses AI and Complex Network methods to study socio-economic systems.
  • We are engaged in the evaluation of synergies among the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) using AI and Natural Language Processing.
  • The proposed framework maps similarity patterns among SDGs based on semantic content, communication, and achievement, offering a decision support system for SDG achievement.

Rankings Analysis

  • rAIse Srl addresses the issue of rankings used to compare public entities like countries and universities.
  • We highlight the limitations of rankings and introduce a novel application that incorporates territorial features to provide a fair and reproducible rating system.
  • The application is based on complex networks at different spatial resolution scales and helps account for disparities among ranked entities

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